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Woodbury County is situated on the western border of the State, in the third tier from the north line. It is twenty-four miles north and south, by from thirty to thirty-six miles east and west, embracing a superficial area of about 832 square miles, or 432,480 acres. About 146,000 acres of this land is Missouri River bottom, of great fertility, and unsurpassed for agricultural and grazing purposes. This bottom is from six to ten miles in width and mostly above high water mark in the Missouri River. Although apparently nearly level, it is dry and susceptible of easy tillage. The soil is a deep loam, with a sufficient proportion of siliceous material to render it retentive of moisture, while it seldom remains for any length of time so wet as to prevent the farmer from giving attention to his crops. Read More...

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Character of the Land

Lewis and Clark in Woodbury County

Sioux City Platted

The Courts

Town of Sioux City

Sioux City Railroad Interests

Sioux City Boating Business

Sioux City as a Distributing Point

New Homes

Land Interest

Sioux City Post Office

Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa Foundry, Machine Shops, and Gas Works

Sioux City Pork Packing

Sioux City Water Company

The St. Paul Shops

Miscellaneous Manufactories

The Button Factory

Sioux City Citizens Association

Officers 1873

Officers 1874

Chamber of Commerce

Merchants Exchange

Officers 1877

Officers 1878

Officers 1979

Sioux City Board of Trade

Officers July 1881

Officers November 1881

Indian Antiquities

Indian War

Woodbury County Iowa, History of Western Iowa, 1882

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